Due Diligence

AOG Living’s professional team of due diligence experts provide personalized service and “step into the client’s shoes” prior to a closing to identify issues and operating problems that need to be reconciled, as well as highlighting issues that could potentially impede the redevelopment of a property.

At AOG Living, the level of research and analysis is what separates our team from the rest. We understand the local market, and have brokerage, construction and development capabilities under “one roof,” giving us the unique ability to provide thorough analysis, identify problems and provide solutions.

Our Due Diligence includes:

    • Full unit walk
    • Inventory, repair and replacement cost analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Thoroughly review and make recommendations regarding contracts, staffing, service requests, marketing sources, overall property operations
    • Identify new opportunities
    • Conduct a full lease file audit, which identifies length of residency, age of residents, place of employment, and identifies any lease file exceptions