Supplier Partnerships

At AOG Living, we deeply value each of our supplier partnerships. Our commitment is to ensure that all communities benefit from ethically responsible suppliers who deliver the highest quality goods and services. To streamline operations, we require all suppliers to register and maintain compliance through the AOG Living Vendor and Supplier Credentialing Program. Additionally, we offer programs designed to expedite product ordering, invoicing, and payment processes. For more information, please review the sections below.

Step 1: Supplier Compliance

AOG Living partners with NetVendor as our supplier credentialing service provider. Our comprehensive supplier compliance program enhances due diligence by including criminal background checks, insurance, trade license verifications, and more. Suppliers are required to achieve "compliant" (or approved) status before engaging with any of our construction, development, or managed properties, ensuring quality service throughout the entire working relationship. Click on NetVendor Website link below and create an account.

NetVendor Website

Step 2: Invoice Management

AOG Living implements Nexus AP Automation and spend management software across our managed portfolio. This advanced tool enhances functionality for suppliers and communities by supporting product catalogs, product ordering, and e-invoicing. By streamlining the procurement lifecycle, it eliminates the need for manual invoice processing, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy. Click on the Nexus Enrollment link below and sign up.

Nexus Enrollment

Step 3: Electronic Payments

Paymode-X is our preferred service provider for electronic payments to suppliers. Subscribers to this service report receiving payments up to 10 days faster than traditional methods. Payments are delivered via ACH deposit instead of mailed physical checks, allowing suppliers to track and report payment status anytime, anywhere. Click on the Paymode-X link below and enroll today.

Paymode-X Registration

All AOG Living supplier partners are required to achieve a green Compliant status within our NetVendor program and have an active Nexus account to provide goods and services to our communities. For more information, please contact our Support team at