AOG Living is an industry leader in compliance monitoring and one of the few property management firms with an in-house Compliance Department.

Our Compliance Department is responsible for the review and approval of Section 42 Certification and Recertification Applications for more than 23,000 units. We provide support, training, and monitoring of all aspects related to compliance for Section 42 (LIHTC), Bond 501 C 3, Section 8, the RTC Affordable Housing Program, HUD 223F Loan Programs and public housing properties.

AOG Living’s Compliance Department facilitates both annual and quarterly reporting to State housing agencies and other special projects, including internal audits.

Our systematic approach to administer program requirements is simple, straightforward and involves no hidden costs. We provide each client with:

  • Comprehensive Compliance Operations Guide for Section 42 properties, which is continually updated as changes are made within the program
  • Thorough and organized documentation materials
  • Timely and accurate record keeping system to comply with Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Continual staff development, training and continuing education