Miguel Zubillaga

Miguel Zubillaga

Investment Analyst

Miguel Zubillaga is an Investment Analyst at AOG Living. In this capacity, he is involved in acquisitions for the firm’s multifamily portfolio. Miguel has more than five years of experience in real estate, consulting, retail, banking, and financial institutions. Specifically, in real estate, he has three years of working experience in financial planning, underwriting, investment, and asset management.

Prior to joining AOG Living, Miguel worked as an Associate at Uber, where he played a role in strategic finance for Latin American countries in charge of FP&A and strategic projects. Preceding that, Miguel worked as a Senior Investment and Financial Analyst for CINUK, a vertically integrated real estate platform focused on urban development in Mexico and the United States, where he was involved in investment, financial planning, fundraising, and asset management. Miguel received a Bachelor of Finance from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.


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